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Tiger Claw Kung Fu -- Taiji and Chi-Kung

Taiji has become popular throughout the world as a means of meditation and stress relief.  Taiji is a gentle way to promote general fitness and health.  It can be used to improve balance, coordination and grace of movement.  Relaxation and stress relief as well as improved concentration are other products of regular practice of Taiji.

In addition, Taiji can be an effective system of self-defense.   At Tiger Claw we teach all aspects of Yang Style Taiji including:

  • Yang style short form
  • Chi kung form
  • Taiji sword form
  • Two man set
  • Push hands
  • Self defence applications

Classes are on Mondays at 7:00 p.m.     The cost for 3 months of classes is $100.

 Tiger Claw has led the way in introducing Taiji to Winnipegers for over forty-five years.



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