Tiger Claw Kung Fu and T'ai Chi School

Teaching authentic Chinese Kung Fu and Chi Kung since 1961!

The Tiger Claw Kung Fu and T'ai Chi School has been in operation in Winnipeg since 1961.  We are one of the largest and longest running martial arts schools in  Canada, teaching the authentic ideas and techniques of both external and internal systems of Kung Fu.

Our longevity and continuity means that we have the most experienced instructional staff in the city.  Our chief instructor has over fifty years experience in the martial arts, while our senior black sash instructors each have a minimum of thirty years experience.

Our large facilities are unsurpassed.  We have two main workout areas, as well as a general fitness area containing weight lifting equipment, stationary cycles and tread mills--all of which are included in our regular class charges.

Heavy bags, kicking pads, hand pads,  and speed balls are used in our classes in addition to basic movements used in self-defense.  As well we teach a variety of both traditional and modern long-range and short-range weapons.

Tiger Claw has the largest active adult membership in Canada, offering evening classes every weekday.  We instill practical application of techniques and encourage the development of healthy lifestyle habits.  We also offer classes for Junior members (6-15 years old).  Our junior members tend to continue their training as adults.  We approach Kung Fu as a life-long activity.

Tiger Claw is always open to prospective students who wish to come down and take a tour of the school.  We also encourage you to take advantage of our free lesson offer -- try before you buy, with no obligation.  You will find that Tiger Claw is the best self-defense school in Canada.


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Tiger Claw Kung Fu School
102 (Lower Level) 1479 Buffalo Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
(204) 942-4829

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