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Tiger Claw Kung Fu -- Special Events

In addition to the regular adult and junior classes, Tiger Claw periodically runs special training seminars and workshops throughout the year.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is renowned for its meditation,  relaxation and general health benefits.  However, it can also be a highly effective martial art.  Tiger Claw is one of the few schools in North America to teach Tai Chi as a complete martial and health promotion system. 

See the T'ai Chi Classes page for more details.


While both modern and traditional weapons are taught as part of the regular classes, Tiger Claw also runs specialized weapons workshops which concentrate on a particular weapon (or two).  Students who are particularly interested in a particular weapon may also be interested in private lessons, which may be tailored to suit your individual needs and training goals.

Weekend Workshops

Weekend workshops are intensive one day training opportunities which concentrate on a particular aspect of training.  Workshops are composed of two workouts lasting 2.5 hours each with a lunch provided between workouts. These workshops are an excellent boost to everyone's training, both motivationally and in gaining skills. Future workshop dates will be announced.

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